Suparna Sharma

Sept 4, 2011

Idhar, Bade Achche Lagte Hain (Sony) par, Priya aur Ram Kapoor ka love blossom kar raha hai, but udhar, Colors par, married couples ke syappe khatam hi nahin ho rahe hain. Haan-haan, I know that marriages become thakela-thakela after some years, but yahan toh newly weds ki life ki waat lagi hui hai.
Balika Vadhu main Anandi and Jagya were toh living alag-alag for a long time. But now Jagya and his doosri-wife Gauri are also not getting any TLC. You see, Gauri is scared that Anandi is going to come one day and pluck Jagya out of her happy embrace. So, instead of enjoying the time they are together, she is either crying or fighting.
Arre yaar, jab Jagya jayega, tab jayega. Abhi toh aish kar le! But you know na these sati-savitri types. Roye bina inko dakaar nahin aata.
The next sad couple is Simar-Prem from Sasural Simar Ka. Inki problems toh bahut complicated hain, and won’t be sorted out any time soon. Prem thinks he married Simar, but we know and Simar knows that he didn’t. Prem actually married Simar’s sister Roli who keeps hovering over her sister’s sasural for no reason.
Right now toh Prem is angry because he has figured that Simar danced in some stage show and now men are queuing up to give her good money for a dance item at their garden parties. Wait till Prem finds out that he actually married that annoying little thing. Tab toh woh khud hi dance karne lag jayega, on Chal chal sadkon pe hogi dhan dan
But, all these syappas are cheap chutkule compared to what’s happening in Hamari Saas Leela. Kirti is Deva’s nai-naveli dulhan, alright, but she is not a girl. She, in fact, is not even zinda! Kirti is a dead and angry aatma who has married Deva only to torture his mother Leela. Why? Arre, because Kirti was killed by Leela’s speeding car.
Kirti is making the bhabhis fight and has convinced everyone that her saas Leela is not only fat but also fully mental. There will be shouting, crying and talk of pagal khana. But we know that in the end nothing will happen to Leela & Co. Ms Bhatakti Aatma will have to retire to Aatma Land, leaving Deva all lonesome. But before that happens I suggest that this show’s creative heads take some inspiration from that classic film Bhooton ka Honeymoon. I mean, how often do you get a passionate aatma and a strapping young fellow in the bedroom together. If they have any daring they will rewrite the script and give us a new and bold show titled, Tadapti Aatma ka Tarasta Pati. What do you say?