Suparna Sharma

Oct 9, 2011

Shakti Kapoor ne apni life mein koi chota-mota punya toh kiya hi hoga that he has found swarg on dharti itself. Otherwise why would anyone pay him to stay locked up in a house with 13 girls. I mean, hello!

Aur kya choicest chudails bheji hain Bigg Boss ne honeymoon ke liye. Wah! In the first week itself battle lines were drawn and hatha-pai ke badal started mandaraoing. As the show progresses and sheds excess fat, I am betting there will be at least one wild-card entry of a hot dude, all the behens will turn into bhootnis and the real fun will begin. Here’s what I think will happen:
Lambi race ki ghodiyan: Vishkanya Pooja Bedi, who is all sugary and sweet, will slowly-slowly start showing her fangs. But since she’s the heaviest celebrity and mother hen, she will last long. Proud hijra Laxmi Narayan adds a very interesting dynamic and will win many hearts. Item girl Mahek Chahal, who makes the show very namkeen, and Afghani beauty Vida Samadzai, whose front and behind the camera just adores, will be kept on to seduce the wild-card dude, and do danci-danci.
Behenjis come lately: These ladies will flower and shower late. Juhi Parmar, one of the longest surviving TV bahus, knows how to deal with evil saasu-mas, and gori-gori Shonali Nagrani is a toughie who won’t blink easy. Watch out for them.
Thali ke baingan: Neither hotties, nor ammas, these slippery survivors will skip, hop and jump when required. Mandeep Belvi, the screechy TV lady who has been weeping “potty aati nahin“, and the slightly stupid Raageshwari, are here for themselves and will surprise us soon.
Abhi abhi toh aaye the… : Amazon lady Sonika is growing larger by the minute and making everyone very uneasy. Janata will vote her out to save her innocent child from the saya of so many chudails. Charles Sobhraj ki biwi Nihita Biswas either chatters or cries. She’ll be out quickly unless she starts giving drip-drip details of her sexual encounters. Gulabo Sapera jab bolengi, tab mein bataongi.
Chatur Chudails: Shraddha Sharma, who uses her boobs and rishta with cretin Raja Chaudhury for publicity, and ichcha-dhari nagin Pooja Misrra can’t be dropped for fear of no drama and tiny-tiny TRPs. They will stay on — to keep BB5 on the boil and turn Shaktiji’s aao to bachaao!